Wholesaler accounts must agree to these terms and conditions:

MAP Pricing: 

Our goal is to make sure that we have fair competition between all outlets for Sidlab products. All retailers of Sidlab products must advertise products at MAP (minimum advertised price). This applies to social media, website or print advertisements that can be seen by the general public. This does not apply to how you price products in the salon, nor does it apply to one time use coupons you may offer to clients. On occasion Sidlab will allow discounting to be advertised. We will put out an email that tells you what dates and what prices you are allowed to sell at. This is the only time you are allowed to advertise the product below the MAP pricing. Any account advertising a lower price at all other times will be subject to account closure with no future products being sold to this account. Note: Sidlab may on occasion sell below MAP pricing to increase brand awareness. This will only be available directly from Sidlab. However, if a customer sees a promotion and asks to buy it at that special promotional pricing, we will match the price for you at wholesale so you make your same mark up. For instance, if Sidlab promotes product that normally has a MAP of $30 for $20, and your client asks about it, email us. We will verify the promotion is from us directly and then sell the product to you at $10 instead of $15 so can sell the product to your client and get the same mark up you are used to. This is on a per customer basis. Your client must have seen the ad for the product at lower price (notate the website) and we will match it for that particular client. This will not be a bulk sale of items at a discounted price.

Money Back Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the products you purchased from us, you can return it for a refund or exchange out slow moving products within 90 days of purchase. You are responsible for shipping and returning the product back to us. Refund will be given in the original payment method. For instance, if you paid by credit card, the refund will be to your credit card. If your client is unhappy with a Sidlab purchase, your customer can return it to you for a refund. You can in turn, return that bottle to us for a refund or replacement product. Bottle must be more than half full. Customer cannot have used most of it and then claim they want a refund, for instance. Use your best judgement on this. We recommend you warn clients of this as well when referring to the money back guarantee at time of purchase.

3rd Party Sales and Diversion: 

To protect the independent salon, Sidlab products cannot be sold on any marketplace or comparison shopping sites (i.e. Amazon, Google Shopping, etc.) without the express written permission. Accounts found selling on 3rd party sites are subject to having their account closed. Product cannot be sold for resale other than for retail (diverting). This includes selling to other stylists in your salon or any other 3rd part re-seller. If found diverting, an account will be closed immediately.

Referral Program: 

When you are a Signature Partner, Sidlab will do its best to refer "non-attached" clients to your salon. ("Non-attached" means that the client does not select an affiliated salon at checkout) This is done in two ways. At checkout, the website will have a option to "pick up in store". If a client picks this option, and does not select a salon location, we will forward the order to you and you can contact the client to set up a time to purchase the product at your salon. You will make the full retail sale this way and you will have a client that will be visiting your salon. Alternatively, if the client opts to pay for shipping, and your salon is located within the same zip code of the client's shipping address, we will include your salon's marketing materials in the box. You are responsible for getting us the marketing materials you want included (business card or flyer). As we grow and get more salons in our network, we may have some competition. In this scenario, if two salons are within the same zip code of the shipment, we will rotate the salon materials included so that it is fair to all salons.

Charitable Donations: 

We will pay out the donation to the charity of your choice on a quarterly basis unless the donation exceeds $250. Then we will pay it out on a monthly basis. On occasion, we will post donations to our Facebook and other PR outlets. If you prefer not to have your name mentions, please let us know so we can opt you out of PR.

Back Bar Only/Website Sales: 

You must have back bar so Sidlab products are being used on clients. You can then refer your clients to www.sidlabhair.com to order products. You won't make as much money this way but this saves you from having to carry retail. Or you can do this if you are out of a product or if your client refers to order refills online. You must make sure your client selects your salon at checkout as their referring salon. You can request to be paid in cash (20%) or "store credit" (30%). Commission is based on the retail mark up less any coupons and shipping costs. For instance, if the retail price is $30, you will get $6.00 (or $9.00 if you pick the store credit option). Store credit means we would put $9.00 in this scenario as a credit on your account which you can use to either purchase products or back bar for your salon.

Gallon Refills:

We encourage you to purchase gallons . Price per ounce is reduced, you can use gallons for back bar and to refill client bottles. This is cheaper for the client (you can set your own price on refills but we recommend about 15-20% discount over full bottle purchase). This is a green option for your clients but it also helps with client retention making the have a reason to visit your salon. We also recommend that you return any empty gallon jugs to us so we can reuse and recycle (rep can pick up on next visit). The gallon jugs are not recyclable but we can likewise refill and resell them.

30 Day Trial: 

A credit card is required but will not be charged until we pick up any unsold products. All sold products will be charged to your credit card. Should you wish to keep products, the amount sold can be applied to a package order should you want to lock into package pricing.

Locked in Discounts: 

At the Signature Partner level, you can lock in future discounts. For one full year, product will be discounted above the normal wholesale rate. For instance, if the normal wholesale price is $10, with a 5% locked in discount, you would only pay $9.50 for the entire year. To lock in this discount for future years, just place another stock order worth $1000 to lock in the discount for another year.


Payment is due in full at the time of ordering. Payment can be made by check, money order or credit card. All packages can be split up over 90 days but with product shipping separately. For instance, if you want to buy the $3000 package, we can split this up into 3 equal payments of $1000. However, only the amount of product paid for will be ship. In this scenario, we would ship $1000 worth of products. Another $1000 products when the 2nd payment is made and the last group of products when the last payment is made. But this allows you to lock yourself into a higher package without having to pay up front for it.


Prices reflect current year pricing. Prices can change at any time. New price lists will be provided when prices do change.