Magic Dry Shampoo by Sidlab♡

Magic Dry Shampoo

Posted by Short and Sweet NYC

There are those mornings when you wake up from the previous night’s party and you don’t have but a minute to spare. These moments call for some magic…as in Magic by Sidlab Hair. Sidlab is a lifestyle hair product line based out of Portland, Oregon. The company is firmly poised to provide original products rather than fluff or cliché marketing.

Magic is a dry shampoo, which acts as a cleanser & refresher for the hair. The product is fantastic for in between washings, on the go, photo shoots, or any time you don’t have ready access to a traditional wet shampoo. Or for those late nights out and you have to be at work by 8 a.m. looking ready to conquer the world. The cold spray instantaneously added volume to my hair and freshened up its appearance. There was not a single bit of residue, build up, or product in my hair. It works, as they say, like magic.

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