Examiner January 2011

Love is in the hair! Hair is fabric!

Sidlab Hair Couture has evolved into one of the most respected companies in the field.

Never tested on animals, their 21 eco-chic and earth friendly product line can be found in major salons across Portland and the country. Sodium and Paraben free, Sidlab Hair Couture keeps innovating and developing new products while setting the bar high where sustainability is concerned.
From their use of recycled packaging and printed materials and their Portland based earth friendly philosophy, to working hard supporting the eradication of breast cancer and gracing the runways of such high profile events as Portland Fashion Week and The Better Living Show (the largest sustainable lifestyle show in the nation),  Sidlab Hair Couture continues to grow and expand in a very healthy mode, all the while bringing their eco-chic ethos and Portland quirkiness to
the styling world.
Think globally but shop locally!
By Tod Foulk
Semper Fashion and Portland Fashion Week Principal

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