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one commonality hair artists share is that we are proud of our craft and our background from which we were trained. the sidlab montage of hair design is a tribute to the many great mentors who have shown us the way by precision cutting, sliding, slicing, snipping, chipping, notching, condensing, cropping, tipping, shattering and whatever else inspires us to create the undefined.

sidlab education montage is a shared collection of styles, systems and techniques brought together by various artists intentionally chosen from diverse educational back grounds to come together and design trends of tomorrow based on the influences of today.

hair is art…

welcome to our montage of creativity and design.

Education Menu

artistic tools

an interactive complete overview of sidlab’s innovative products
and suggested use.

45 min to 1 hour

main stage I

an interactive overview of sidlab’s innovative products along with
a demonstration show casing step by step, one of sldlab’s
latest haircut visions

1-½ hours

main stage II

an interactive demonstration show casing step by step, two of
sidlab’s haircut visions styled out using sldlab’s innovative
products and alternate finishes

2 hours

back stage

an interactive demonstration showcasing one of sidlab’s latest
haircut visions followed by hands on step by step instruction
including innovative product suggestions and alternate finishes

3 to 4 hours

For more information on in salon and other local sidlab
educational opportunities please contact us at
503.358.0782 or

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