Why You Need Dry Shampoo in Your Life

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There’s nothing like a good dry shampoo to save time in your everyday morning routine because let's be honest, having a busy schedule sometimes takes away from having the time to wash your hair. Dry shampoo serves as a:

  • Fresher upper in between wash day
  • Preserves your haircolor
  • And adds volume

Dry shampoo is a dream, so this my friends is why I say you NEED dry shampoo in your life. 

Dry shampoo comes in three different forms- an actual powder form, in liquid form that comes out of a pump dispenser (kind of like a mousse), or an aerosol spray. All forms of dry shampoo work the same, so it really depends on which you prefer to use. Some dry shampoo even comes in variety shades to match your haircolor.

To be clear, dry shampoo should not be a substitute for regular shampoo. Its purpose is to refresh your style by absorbing excess oil and dirt that is on your scalp and hair. Now let’s talk about how to properly use dry shampoo, specially Magic Dry Shampoo by Sidlab Haircouture. Spray Magic Dry Shampoo at least an inch away from your roots, allow it to work its magic for a minute or two so it absorbs all of the oil and dirt. After letting it sit for a bit, massage the product with your fingertips, or you can comb your hair thoroughly to avoid product buildup. Now you are ready to take on the world with your fresh and voluminous hair!

As I previously stated, the point of dry shampoo is to refresh your hair in between washes and extend your style so treat it as such. Not washing your hair will increase your chances of product build up. I get it, skipping your wash day happens due to lack of time or out of pure laziness (nothing wrong with that), but after two or three days of using dry shampoo I recommend actually washing your hair. Give your scalp and hair a chance to breathe again!

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