Sidlab Pacifica Salt Water Spray?

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Posted by Damn, I look good!! Snowstorms are showing no mercy and sub zero temperatures are prevailing in much of the country, but that doesn`t mean everyone can`t have sexy, beachy hair all year long. Sidlab Pacifica Salt Water Spray lets you replicate that "I spent all day laying on the beach reading magazines" look, easily. I had dreadlocks for eight years.

I got pretty used to a no maintenance "do." Since I chopped them off and had to deal with my hair texture, only one product has come close to making my hair "wash and wear." Sidlab Pacifica Salt Water Spray is my go to for sexy, beachy, piecy style. You can spritz it on both wet and dry hair to get an instantly easy, laid back, super cool look. The resulting texture is soft, wavy and never crunchy. The REALLY cool thing about Pacifica - is the company it is made by - Sidlab. Sidlab uses no parabens or sodium laureth sulfate in ANY of their products. The line is green, conscious, cutting edge, effective and most importantly fashion forward.

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