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Posted by - Salon NW MOST PEOPLE HAVE A PRETTY INTERESTING STORY ABOUT HOW THEY GOT INTO THE HAIR INDUSTRY, BUT I HAVE TO SAY, THIS ONE IS A TOP 5 CONTENDER. After receiving a degree in Psychology at PSU, Deanna Everson was relegated to working at Kitchen Kaboodle. Sporting an inaccurate bang, she decided to pop into Phagan’s hair school, where

she quickly realized these kids would make more money than she did with her degree. Off to beauty school she went. Deanna has a very strong and interesting business concept – she just opened her second space on NE Fremont, and is planning to have her trademark ’boutique’ location at every corner of Portland. She calls them micro salons, and enjoys the idea of a client paying for 100% of the stylist’s time. She feels it gives a better business perspective, and keeps clients tied to their stylists and not the salon. ‘I understand that to be a good hairstylist one has to become an artisan. I am being commissioned by the client to create a work of art on their head under their guidelines. I try my hardest not to spin it so I am doing what I want. I want the client to leave with their hair vision.’ I would have to assume that even if Miss Everson made a mess of all of her clients’ hair that they would still come to her, as her personality draws you in, she is highly intelligent and funny. She also has from time to time represented Sidlab, most recently having done it at the Sustainable Fashion Show, and believes Sidlab to be 100% better than Bumble and Bumble. ’Sidlab is the Portland Hippy version of Bumble – parabin and sulfate free. I am a Portland native hippy at heart, and I love coloring to show off a haircut, and natural hair. And since I am a natural red head I seriously kick ass at long lasting red hair color. No joke. I would consider myself the best red hair color stylist ever. Well, last week maybe.’

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