Clever Nettle Product Review, July 2012

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{jcomments on} I’ll start with the only Portland-based company in the bunch, Sidlab. They’re a wholesale hair product company (meaning you can find their products at salons, but not in the drugstore, etc.) and they have a bunch of different hair products, all

paraben-free, which is awesome. They sent me a ton of samples, and having it all at my disposal really inspired me to try different styling ideas instead of just having it down all the time. My two favorites are the Magic dry shampoo and the Rain Drops argan oil treatment. My hair definitely needs a little extra oil/moisture since I started bleaching it, and this one is mellow and light and makes my hair soft. The dry shampoo is the most amazing dry shampoo I have ever tried, it’s a totally clear spray (like hairspray) and it absorbs all the unwanted oiliness and makes your hair look totally clean again. If you’re sick of the powder variety of dry shampoos, seriously try this. It worked really well!

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