Become Chic with Sidlab Haircouture

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Stylist Newspaper: What`s New Become Chic with Sidlab Haircouture

Chic styling spray by Sidlab Haircouture has been created over the

course of several years. Chic is a Paraben-free spray to promote health

and wellness. Chic styling spray is great for many uses such as:

curling, styling, flat-ironing, rolling, and heat protecting the hair.

Chic contains sunscreens to protect the hair from harsh enviroments. Use

Chic styling spray with hot tools for a workable, pliable hold. Chic

has a very light weight mist. Use first to shape style and then as a

finishing spray. Great for all hair types. Chic leaves hair flexible and

touchable. Use backstage, in the salon or at home. All Sidlab

Haircouture products are Sodium Laureth Sulfate free as well as no

Paraben. Sidlab Haircouture believes hair is fabric, beauty is healthy

and to love the earth.

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